RCW’s Top Five World News Sites

The folks at Real Clear World go through a lot of world news every day to provide the kind of wide-ranging and quality aggregation they offer. So it’s a real honor to know that WPR stood out enough to be included in their Top Five International News Sites for 2008. Especially when the other four outlets on the list are Der Spiegel, Al Jazeera, China Post and Japan Times. Not exactly a bunch of Mom and Pop operations. But in thanking the gang at RCW for their kind words, I’d like to also call your attention to the original coverage […]

WPR Video Selections Growing

If you haven’t checked out our video section lately (or ever), now might be a good time. We have been featuring videos from Agence France-Presse for a while, and we’re happy to announce we will now regularly feature videos produced by Worldfocus, the excellent new nightly news program produced by WNET in New York and hosted by Martin Savidge. We’ll be featuring several Worldfocus “signature videos” — reports from around the world — in our video section every month. You can watch our first Worldfocus-produced video here. Check back to our video section regularly for new reports, and stay tuned […]

Obama’s First National Security Stumble?

In a national security transition that has generally been given high marks, Barack Obama seems to have stumbled for the first time, at least politically, by picking Leon Panetta to lead the agency. Interestingly (and perhaps reassuringly for those who might be given to wonder about Obama’s judgment in this matter, given Panetta’s complete lack of intelligence experience), the Los Angeles Times reports that Panetta appears not to have been Obama’s first pick. But the Obama team is now scrambling to defend the pick, not least to members of Congress, including the current and former Democratic chairwoman and chairman, respectively, […]

Overhauling Foreign Policy (dot Com)

By now you might be aware of Foreign Policy’s online overhaul. If not, this rundown gives a good introduction. It’s an exciting collection of foreign policy voices, some of whom (Laura Rozen, Marc Lynch, SWJ) are already a part of our daily online itinerary, and others (Thom Ricks) who are likely to become additional stops. This is good for foreign policy coverage, and we couldn’t agree more with Joshua Keating’s observation that “We can’t imagine a better time to launch a project like this. . . .” At a moment when the country seems to be poised between the twin […]

Israel’s Goals Looking Less Modest

I wrote in these pages and said on the TV program Worldfocus on Friday that Israel had appeared to adopt more modest goals at the outset of Operation Cast Lead than it did in the 2006 war against Hezbollah. But with Israel’s ground invasion of Gaza, that assessment now looks potentially off the mark. Israel may now be looking to do something more than merely degrade Hamas’ rocket-attack capability and may now want to seize this opportunity to deal a more decisive and lasting blow to Hamas as a military and political force. It’s unclear, however, whether Israel has expanded […]

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