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World Politics Review publishes in-depth news and expert analysis on global affairs to help our readers identify and make sense of the events and trends shaping our world. Guided by a commitment to integrity, quality and intellectual honesty, we serve as a forum for creative ideas about how to tackle the world’s most important challenges.


WPR seeks to strike a balance between the two dominant schools of international relations, realism and liberal internationalism, combining an effort to see the world as it is with a preference for diplomacy and multilateralism in support of a rules- and norms-based global order.

We pay particular attention to important but undercovered stories as well as underexamined aspects of the news making headlines, and cover often-ignored corners of the world independently of whether and how they affect U.S. interests.


WPR is funded almost exclusively by its readers—foreign policy professionals, academics and general readers with an interest in international affairs—through individual and institutional subscription fees. There is no advertising on our website, and only occasional advertising in our non-paid email newsletters. We receive no funding from any outside investors, interest groups or foundations. We are likewise unbeholden to any partisan affiliation or party allegiance.

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WPR’s Briefings, Columns and Newsletters are five-minute reads published daily. Briefings, written by our global network of expert contributors as well as by our editors, examine issues of immediate and long-term importance. Columns, written by a regular lineup of noted voices on foreign policy, provide authoritative commentary on international affairs. Newsletters offer top stories and annotated news roundups for Africa and China, with more regions coming soon.


WPR’s award-winning long-form articles are published once every week, featuring in-depth analysis and context, often accompanied by original on-the-ground reporting.

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An editor-curated rundown of must-read news and opinion to help you closely follow important issues and events.

The News Wire will help you track the stories that you must follow to stay informed. It’s published on the site and sent out by e-mail every weekday morning (U.S. Eastern time). Our editors link to approximately 20 items from the world’s English-language press each weekday. These items include top news, opinion, and off-the-radar stories that have the potential to develop into headline news.

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