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World Politics Review publishes in-depth news and expert analysis on global affairs to help our readers identify and make sense of the events and trends shaping our world. Guided by a commitment to integrity, quality and intellectual honesty, we serve as a forum for creative ideas about how to tackle the world’s most important challenges.

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World Politics Review (WPR) is a very special, one-of-a-kind resource. It’s the only digital-only news source of uncompromising analysis and insight for all of the world’s countries and regions—and delivered with no advertising! 

Each weekday, WPR articles are prepared by on-the-ground reporters and analysts from around the globe—experts who know how to spot trends, report essential facts, and boil it all down for you in relevant, clear, actionable language.

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  • How is U.S. foreign policy under Biden developing?
  • What are the implications of the coronavirus pandemic, and its economic fallout, for an already shifting global order?
  • How will the gathering U.S.-China confrontation play out?
  • What will be Europe’s role in shaping that confrontation?
  • What is the future of pro-democracy and social protest movements in an age of tech authoritarianism?
  • How can relations with revanchist spoiler states like Putin’s Russia and Erdogan’s Turkey be managed?
  • Can diplomacy be radically reimagined for a changing world?
  • What is Russia’s strategy to regain global influence?
  • Is the global fight against corruption making progress
  • Is democracy in danger around the world?
  • Does gender inequality increase conflict around the world?
  • What have Iraq and Afghanistan taught the United States about modern war?
  • What are the trends for economic inequality around the globe? 
  • And many more of your questions answered—more than 15,000 articles in all!

WPR experts tackle every angle of every question, so that all sides are considered and emerging trends get identified, analyzed, and reported back to you with the implications.

 And because WPR has a vast searchable library of content, you’ll be able to search for answers to your specific questions—all at your fingertips in an instant. The WPR searchable library of content includes more than 15,000 articles on topics such as the global refugee crisis, international diplomacy, global finance, economic trends, gender equality, water rights, and so much more!

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Get 30 days of full access for just $1!

Subscribe to World Politics Review, and you’ll receive instant access to 15,000+ articles in the World Politics Library, along with new comprehensive analysis every weekday … written by leading topic experts.

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WPR is produced by a vast network of leading experts and influential observers on the ground; our substantive content gives you access to comprehensive and detailed perspectives that are as valuable as they are unique and action-oriented.

Though strictly nonpartisan with regard to political-party affiliation or allegiance, WPR relies on a reality-based approach that recognizes the need for all the tools and instruments of statecraft—with a preference for diplomacy and multilateralism in support of a rules- and norms-based global order.

WPR’s mission is simple—we’re committed to integrity, quality, and the principles of an intellectually honest press whose exclusive purpose is to inform and educate its readers.

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WPR offers an incisive mix of substantive policy analysis and politically relevant commentary. It is one of the few outlets which is able to provide both types of writing in an incisive and engaging manner.”

Steven Feldstein

Former deputy assistant secretary for democracy, human rights and labor, U.S. State Department

“World Politics Review covers the countries that flashier websites skip. Indispensable.”

Salvatore Babones

Associate professor of sociology and social policy, University of Sydney

“WPR provides piercing analysis, fresh perspectives and timely reporting on issues of immense importance to academics and practitioners alike.”

Iyad Dakka

Fellow, Modern Turkish Studies Initiative Carleton University

“Current affairs coverage is so often superficial. WPR is lively and thought-provoking, but also informative and engaging.”

Mark Gilbert

Resident professor of history and international studies, Johns Hopkins-SAIS, Bologna

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Subscribe to World Politics Review, and you’ll receive instant access to 15,000+ articles in the World Politics Library, along with new comprehensive analysis every weekday … written by leading topic experts.