New WPR Features: Engaging Islam

President Barack Obama took office promising to extend an “open hand” to the Islamic World. But what will the effort entail? In its latest set of feature articles, WPR examines “The Open Hand: Engaging Islam.” Nathan Field looks at “The Re-Education of Radical Islam,” Shadi Hamid examines “Democracy Promotion in the Aftermath of Iraq,” and R.S. Zaharna tackles “Obama, Public Diplomacy and the Islamic World.” All of our features articles require a subscription for access. But, for a limited time, anyone can sign up here for a free four-month trial to our subscription product. In addition to the benefit of […]

Music Diplomacy

Today’s selection is from a band that I first remember seeing thirty years ago on an episode of What’s Happening. This is somehow true. As for why I selected it, it has to do partly with the hat the drummer is wearing, partly with the way Skunk Baxter’s swivel chair has a front-to-back rocking mechanism built into it, and partly with the fact that part of my calling in life is to make sure that bands like the Doobie Brothers don’t get dismissed as bizarre epiphenomena of the Seventies. But it has mostly to do with the growing conviction I’ve […]