Happy New Year!!

Well, folks, I’d been meaning to do a year-end wrap up along the lines of the gang at the Interpreter, with a list of everything I’d gotten wrong in 2008. But time’s kind of crept up on me, so instead I figure I’ll take a page out of the George W. Bush playbook and just say I’ve been right about everything and count on history to bear me out. Seriously, I’ll be doing some light posting over the rest of the week, and the WPR front page will be actively updated throughout the holiday. So check in over a glass […]

WPR Facelift

As you might have noticed, WPR has undergone a bit of a cosmetic makeover, so you might want to do a control-F5 or whatever it is you need to do to clear out your browser’s cache for the site. We’ll be smoothing out any rough edges that we notice over the next few days, but your help would be invaluable in that process. A quick heads up via email for any glitches you encounter would be greatly appreciated. In addition to the new look, the changes on the front page are meant to organize the content in a more effective […]

Newsweek Foreign Policy Issue

I haven’t had a chance to go through them all yet, but Dave Dilegge at Small Wars Journal has all the links for the latest Newsweek issue featuring foreign policy advice from experts on the toughest challenges facing the Obama administration. (Rumor has it that Dave sleeps from time to time, but I’m skeptical.)