Overhauling Foreign Policy (dot Com)

By now you might be aware of Foreign Policy’s online overhaul. If not, this rundown gives a good introduction. It’s an exciting collection of foreign policy voices, some of whom (Laura Rozen, Marc Lynch, SWJ) are already a part of our daily online itinerary, and others (Thom Ricks) who are likely to become additional stops.

This is good for foreign policy coverage, and we couldn’t agree more with Joshua Keating’s observation that “We can’t imagine a better time to launch a project like this. . . .” At a moment when the country seems to be poised between the twin necessities of reaching outward and turning inward, there’s a compelling need for solid coverage and analysis of the world and America’s place in it.

Here at WPR, we continue to be driven by the desire to get our readers and policymakers the information they need to make sound, strategic assessments of America’s interests. We believe that serious content on world politics can attract significant and loyal audience and, as you might have noticed with our own redesign and a subscription-only product coming soon, we’re investing in that belief. Foreign Policy’s new owners (some company out of D.C.) evidently have a similar view, and we’re glad that they’ve given those with a serious interest in international affairs yet another reason to spend more time online!