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China Clamps Down on ‘Zero COVID’ Protests, Loosens Some Pandemic Measures

By Lyric Li | The Washington Post (free)

Small protests against China’s strict “zero COVID” policy occurred in several cities Monday evening, as citizens defied a police crackdown and threats of reprisal, with Beijing blaming “foreign forces” even as authorities moved to vaccinate more seniors and relax some distancing measures.

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As Haiti Unravels, U.S. Officials Push to Send in an Armed Foreign Force

By Natalie Kitroeff | The New York Times

Fearing a mass exodus, some Biden officials are pressing for a multinational force, but they don’t want to send U.S. troops and haven’t been able to persuade other countries to take the lead.

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U.S. Officials Say Russia Has Postponed Nuclear Weapons Talks

By Felicia Schwartz | Financial Times

U.S. officials said Russia had postponed crucial nuclear weapons talks that were due to begin Tuesday, marking a setback for the last remaining arms treaty between the powers and providing further evidence of fraying diplomatic ties since Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

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U.S. Steps Up Pressure on European Allies to Harden China Stance

By Henry Foy & Demetri Sevastopulo | Financial Times

The U.S. is pushing its European allies to take a harder stance towards Beijing as it tries to leverage its position on Ukraine to gain more support from NATO countries for its efforts to counter China in the Indo-Pacific.

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