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After a Bitter Contest, Kenyan Opposition Leader Rejects Election Result

By Declan Walsh, Abdi Latif Dahir & Matthew Mpoke Bigg | The New York Times

Speaking for the first time since he lost Kenya’s hard-fought presidential election, the opposition leader Raila Odinga rejected the result announced Monday and vowed to pursue “all legal options,” apparently signaling that the dispute that has gripped the East African country is likely to be decided at its Supreme Court.

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Mali’s Prime Minister, Choguel Maiga, ‘Ordered to Rest’ by Doctor

Reuters (free)

The prime minister of Mali, Choguel Maiga, has been ordered by his doctor to rest after months of intense exertion, his office said Saturday, while an adviser denied media reports that he had been hospitalized after having a stroke.

Nigeria’s Sharia Blasphemy Law Not Unconstitutional, Court Rules


A Nigerian court Wednesday ruled that Islamic religious law does not violate the constitution, dismissing a test-case challenge from a singer who was sentenced to death two years ago on the charge of blasphemy.

Kenya Declares New President, but Battle May Not Be Over

By Declan Walsh, Abdi Latif Dahir & Matthew Mpoke Bigg | The New York Times (free)

Kenya is often held up as a beacon of democracy in Africa, but as the latest election showed, it is not always pretty. Disputes started even before a winner was named.

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French Soldiers Quit Mali After Nine Years, Billions Spent and Many Lives Lost

By Elian Peltier & Ruth Maclean | The New York Times

The last unit of the French military mission, Operation Barkhane, crossed into neighboring Niger, after a major fallout with Malian authorities.

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Liberia Suspends Three Officials Accused by U.S. of Corruption


Liberia President George Weah on Tuesday suspended three government officials who were sanctioned by the United States for what it said was their ongoing involvement in public corruption.

Mali Charges 49 Ivory Coast Soldiers Detained Since July

By Baba Ahmed | Associated Press (free)

A Mali prosecutor says the 49 Ivory Coast soldiers held in Mali since July on accusations of being mercenaries have now been charged with undermining state security.

Kenya Election Result Imminent, Media Gives Ruto Narrow Lead

By Duncan Miriri & George Obulutsa | Reuters

Deputy President William Ruto led a tight presidential race against opposition leader Raila Odinga, official results reported by media showed Monday, with an announcement from electoral authorities imminent.

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DR Congo Opens Oil and Gas Auction Round to Carbon Credit and Crypto Groups

By Kenza Bryan | Financial Times

The Democratic Republic of Congo will allow carbon credit and cryptocurrency companies to bid in an oil and gas licensing round that has been criticized by environmentalists who say drilling in the country’s rainforests and peatlands would risk releasing vast quantities of carbon dioxide.

Ivory Coast Supplies the World With Cocoa. Now It Wants Some for Itself

By Elian Peltier | The New York Times

A new generation of Ivory Coast chocolatiers is striving to change an industry that has long left cocoa farmers in poverty.

Somaliland Leader Says Five Killed in Opposition Protests

By Omar Faruk | Associated Press (free)

The president of Somaliland says five people were killed in opposition protests over fears of a delayed election, hours after police confirmed shooting demonstrators and accused them of not following officers’ instructions.

Germany Suspends Military Mission in Mali Amid Diplomatic Tension

Al Jazeera (free)

Germany has suspended most of its operations in Mali after the local military-led government denied flyover rights to a United Nations peacekeeping mission.

Ethiopia Says Completes Third Filling of Mega-Dam Reservoir

By Aymeric Vincenot | AFP (free)

Ethiopia has completed the third filling of its mega-dam reservoir on the Blue Nile, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said Friday, a development that could raise further tensions with downstream neighbours Egypt and Sudan.

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