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North Korea Says It Tested a Nuclear-Capable Underwater Attack Drone

By Choe Sang-Hun | The New York Times

North Korea said Friday that it had used an underwater drone to practice launching a nuclear attack on an enemy seaport, saying that threats from the United States and its allies were forcing it to develop diverse means of carrying out nuclear strikes.

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Philippines Confronts Chinese Diplomats Over Sea Disputes

By Jim Gomez | Associated Press (free)

Filipino diplomats confronted Chinese officials in closed-door talks Friday with a slew of protests over China’s aggressive behavior in the South China Sea, including targeting a Philippine coast guard ship with a military-grade laser, but no resolution was reached on the issues, an official said.

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Indian Opposition Leader Rahul Gandhi Loses Parliament Seat

By Ashok Sharma | Associated Press (free)

Key Indian opposition leader Rahul Gandhi has lost his parliamentary seat after a court found him guilty of defamation over his remarks about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s surname and he was disqualified from the lawmaking body, a parliamentary statement said on Friday.

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Xi and Putin Have the Most Consequential Undeclared Alliance in the World

By Graham Allison | Foreign Policy

It’s become more important than Washington’s official alliances today.

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