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Cuba Authorizes Foreign Investment in Wholesale, Retail

By Leticia Pineda | AFP (free)

The Cuban government has announced it will allow foreign investment in domestic wholesale and retail trade for the first time in 60 years, in a move aimed at addressing critical shortages of goods.

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Independent Journalist Found Slain in Northern Mexico

Associated Press (free)

An independent journalist found dead in northern Mexico was killed by a blow to the head, authorities said Tuesday, reporting the latest in 14 slayings of Mexican reporters and media workers so far this year, the deadliest in recent memory for the profession.

Ecuador President Going to U.S. Cancer Center Following Melanoma Diagnosis


Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso is traveling to a U.S. hospital known for its cancer treatment for medical tests and will likely have surgery there after being diagnosed with melanoma on this right eyelid, he said Tuesday, saying it would not affect his presidential duties.

Latin America’s Parliamentarism Problem

By Will Freeman | Americas Quarterly (free)

Legislatures are gaining more power across the region—but the outlook for governance doesn’t look good.

Ecuador Says Deadly Guayaquil Blast Connected to Crime Gangs, Investigation Ongoing

By Alexandra Valencia | Reuters

The government of Ecuador has authorized security forces in Guayaquil to carry out inspections of houses as part of a new state of emergency, the interior minister said, after an explosives attack killed five people over the weekend.

Pay Pushes Venezuelan Teachers to Protest, Consider Quitting

By Regina Garcia Cano | Associated Press (free)

Public school teachers across Venezuela had planned to use their annual vacation bonus to buy uniforms for their children, waterproof leaky roofs, get new prescription glasses or fix the pair barely held together by adhesive tape.

Strike Four: Facebook Misses Election Misinfo in Brazil Ads

By Barbara Ortutay | Associated Press (free)

Facebook failed to detect blatant election-related misinformation in ads ahead of Brazil’s 2022 election, a new report from Global Witness has found, continuing a pattern of not catching material that violates its policies the group describes as “alarming.”

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Colombian Government and ELN Rebels Meet in Havana to Restart Peace Talks

The Guardian (free)

Colombia’s new government and members of the nation’s last guerrilla group have taken steps towards restarting peace talks that were suspended three years ago in Cuba.

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Mexico President to Bypass Congress to Keep Army in Streets

By Maria Verza | Associated Press (free)

Mexico’s president has begun exploring plans to sidestep congress to hand formal control of the National Guard to the army, a move that could extend the military’s control over policing in a country with high levels of violence.

Four Latin American Nations Back Castillo as Peru Political Crisis Continues


The governments of Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador and Bolivia on Saturday backed the continuation of Pedro Castillo’s presidency in Peru, where he is facing several criminal investigations and constant threats of impeachment.

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Nicaragua’s Government Shutters One of Last Opposition Radio Stations


The Nicaraguan government ordered the closure of a radio station known for its opposition against President Daniel Ortega, its director said Friday.

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Sixth Probe Opened Into Peruvian President After Relative Detained

AFP (free)

Peruvian prosecutors have opened a sixth criminal investigation into President Pedro Castillo for alleged corruption involving government tenders, officials said Thursday.

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Guatemalans March in Protest of Corruption, Cost of Living

By Sonia Pérez D. | Associated Press (free)

Hundreds of Guatemalans set out from various points of the capital Thursday to protest alleged corruption by a deeply unpopular government, the high cost of living and attacks on freedom of expression.

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Argentina Orders Seizure of Venezuelan Plane at U.S. Request


Argentina on Thursday ordered the seizure of a Venezuelan plane held in Buenos Aires since June at the request of the United States, amid suspicions the aircraft of Iranian origin could have ties to terrorism, local media reported.

Venezuela, Colombia Name Ambassadors in Attempt to Repair Ties

Al Jazeera (free)

Venezuela and Colombia have appointed ambassadors to each other, days after the inauguration of Colombia’s first left-wing president, Gustavo Petro, who has promised to mend ties with its neighbor.

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