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Peru Opposition Lawmakers Launch Third Impeachment Attempt Against Castillo


Peru opposition legislators Tuesday presented another impeachment motion against President Pedro Castillo, the third formal attempt to oust the leftist leader since he took office last year, calling him morally unfit for office.

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Mexico High Court Upholds Keeping Military on Police Duties

Associated Press (free)

Mexico’s Supreme Court upheld Tuesday a constitutional change that allows the military to continue in law enforcement duties until 2028.

El Salvador to Repurchase More of Its Debt

Associated Press (free)

El Salvador’s government announced Tuesday that it will make a second buyback of its sovereign debt bonds maturing in 2023 and 2025 as it tries to calm market concerns that it could default on its debt.

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Mexico, U.S. Appear Headed for Dispute Over GM Corn

Associated Press (free)

Mexico and the United States appear to be headed for another commercial dispute Tuesday, this time over a Mexican ban on imports of genetically modified yellow corn.

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