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Netanyahu Delays Bid to Overhaul Israel’s Judiciary as Protests Rage

By Patrick Kingsley, Isabel Kershner & Eric Nagourney | The New York Times (free)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday that he was delaying his government’s campaign to exert greater control over the judiciary, backing off in the face of furious public protest that has plunged Israel into one of the deepest crises of its history.

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Fire in Mexico Kills at Least 39 in Migration Center Near U.S. Border

By Mike Ives | The New York Times

At least 39 people were killed Monday night and 29 others seriously injured when a fire broke out at a government-run migration facility in northern Mexico, near the border with the United States, the authorities said.

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Hungary Approves Finland’s NATO Membership in Westward Pivot

By Marton Dunai & Richard Milne | Financial Times

Hungary ratified Finland’s NATO membership Monday in the latest sign of Prime Minister Viktor Orban slowly turning away from Russia as the economic benefits of their relationship fade.

Biden Acts to Restrict U.S. Government Use of Spyware

By Mark Mazzetti | The New York Times

President Biden on Monday signed an executive order restricting American government use of a class of powerful surveillance tools that have been abused by both autocracies and democracies around the world to spy on political dissidents, journalists and human rights activists.

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