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Prime Minister Resigns, Adding to Political Turmoil in Peru

By Franklin Briceño | Associated Press (free)

Peru’s prime minister announced his resignation Wednesday, adding to political uncertainty in the South American nation as President Pedro Castillo faces several criminal investigations after only a year in office.

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Journalist, Three Others Killed in Mexico; 13th This Year

Associated Press (free)

A journalist was among four people killed inside a beer shop in central Mexico, the 13th media worker killed in the country this year.

Colombia’s Military Eyes New President Gustavo Petro With ‘Deep Unease’

By Gideon Long | Financial Times (free)

Former left-wing guerrilla navigates tense relations with country’s armed forces as he prepares to take office

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Mexico’s Attorney General Investigating Ex-President

By María Verza | Associated Press (free)

Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office said Tuesday that it has opened several lines of investigation against former President Enrique Pena Nieto, several weeks after the country’s anti-money laundering agency accused the former leader of handling millions of dollars in possibly illegal funds.

Nicaragua’s Government Shutters Six Church Radio Stations

By Gabriela Selser | Associated Press (free)

Nicaraguan authorities ordered the closure of six radio stations belonging to the Roman Catholic Church on Monday and surrounded one with riot police, church officials said.

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Clashes Erupt in Bolivia Capital Between Police and Coca Farmers

AFP (free)

Clashes broke out Tuesday in the Bolivian capital La Paz between police and coca leaf producers in a dispute over control of the coveted commercialization of the plant.

Guatemala Arrests Migrant Smugglers Wanted by the U.S.

By Sonia Pérez D. | Associated Press (free)

At dawn, police and federal agents with cover from helicopters flying overhead raided a large ranch nestled among the mountains of northern Guatemala, not far from the border with Mexico.

Panama Teachers End Long Strike That Set Off Wider Protests

Associated Press (free)

Panama’s teachers will return to the classroom Tuesday after a month-long strike supported by a number of other sectors that blocked commerce and snarled the capital with traffic over the high cost of living and government corruption.

Honduras Reports ‘Historic’ Coca Seizure


Honduran authorities reported Monday the discovery of more than 1.6 million coca leaf bushes in the most important seizure of its kind ever as Honduras struggles to combat drug production.

The Secret Airstrips Behind Brazil’s Illegal Mining Crisis

By Manuela Andreoni, Blacki Migliozzi, Pablo Robles & Denise Lu | The New York Times

The Times identified hundreds of airstrips that bring criminal mining operations to the most remote corners of the Amazon.

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A New Era for U.S.-Colombia Relations

By Cynthia J. Arnson | Americas Quarterly (free)

Intense White House outreach reflects an uncertain path forward.

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Brazil Moves Toward Paving Road Key to Deforestation

By Fabiano Maisonnave | Associated Press (free)

In a decision that critics have labeled as dangerous, Brazil’s government granted a preliminary environmental permit for paving a dirt highway that cuts through one of the Amazon rainforest’s most preserved areas.

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In Widening Crackdown, Renowned Journalist Arrested in Guatemala

By Oscar Lopez | The New York Times

In another sign of growing political repression in Guatemala, the authorities have arrested an award-winning journalist who was critical of the government and raided the offices of the newspaper he founded.

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One Wounded in Attack on Army Guarding Guatemala President

By Sonia Pérez D. | Associated Press (free)

One man was wounded Saturday after gunmen opened fire on soldiers at a checkpoint providing area security for a visit by Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei to a town near the Mexican border.

Havana Announces Blackouts, Cancels Carnival as Crisis Deepens

By Marc Frank | Reuters

The Cuban capital of Havana will begin electricity blackouts in August, has canceled carnival and is taking other measures as the country’s energy crisis worsens, state media reported Saturday.

Forget a Coup. Beware Brazil’s Bottom-Deeding Congress

By Mac Margolis | The Washington Post

The fact is that Brazil’s dysfunctional politics won’t be fixed by whoever occupies the Palacio do Planalto, the presidential palace in Brasilia.

Gangs Advance on the Seat of Haitian Government Power: ‘Haitians Are Hostages’

By Maria Abi-Habib & Andre Paultre | The New York Times

Gangs are increasing their chokehold on Haiti’s capital, using bulldozers to raze entire neighborhoods, overwhelming poorly armed police and taking their violence to within blocks of the seat of government.

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