Ebola Outbreak Threatens Western Uganda

More patients are suspected of having Ebola and have been admitted to hospitals in Uganda, days after investigators confirmed an outbreak of the highly infectious disease in a remote western corner of the nation. Health Videos by NewsLook

After Falling Behind, Greece Looks Ahead

Greece has scraped together a plan to save nearly 12 billion euros over the next two years in an increasingly desperate effort to convince visiting EU and IMF inspectors it deserves to be saved rather than pushed out of the euro zone. Finance News Videos by NewsLook

In Lebanon, Summer Resort an Unlikely Refuge for Syrians

Bhamdoun is a summer resort east of Beirut, which is usually popular with Saudi, Kuwaiti, Qatari and Emirati tourists in search of relaxation and the cool mountain air. But this summer, it is serving as a refuge for middle and upper class Syrian families. World News Videos by NewsLook

China’s Expanding Maritime Territorial Claims

John Minnich, an East Asia analyst with Stratfor, examines China’s expansion of maritime territorial claims in the South China Sea and the security and energy implications for countries such as Vietnam and the Philippines. World News Videos by NewsLook

Russian Trade Union Revival

During the Soviet era, Russian trade unions were state run and had nothing to do with helping workers fight for their rights against employers. That changed following the Soviet Union’s collapse. This report by Euronews takes an in-depth look at the evolution of Russian trade unions and the battles they face today.

The Battle for Damascus

Stratfor’s Vice President of Global Analysis Reva Bhalla discusses the recent rebel offensive that has begun on Damascus and its implications on the Syrian uprising as a whole. World News Videos by NewsLook

Results of Libya’s Historic Election Trickle In

Preliminary results of Libya’s landmark elections suggest that the National Forces Alliance, a broad coalition of parties rallied under the banner of wartime prime minister Mahmud Jibril, will leave Islamist parties in the dust. World News Videos by NewsLook

Syria’s Peace Prospects

International envoy Kofi Anna raises hopes of a revived peace effort in Syria, saying he has reached a framework with President Bashar al-Assad and will hold talks with rebel leaders. World News Videos by NewsLook

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