Foreign Reporters Trapped in Libya Hotel

Around 40 foreigners — most of them journalists — are now trapped inside the Rixos hotel in Tripoli. They are being guarded by pro-Gaddafi gunmen and are unable to leave the hotel to cover the latest events.

The World’s Leading Economies Are Getting Old

Times are challenging for the world’s leading economies but as they try to get their financial houses in order they are having to do so while fighting father time. This report by the U.S. government-funded Voice of America examines the issue in-depth.

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-il Arrives In Russia

North Korean leader Kim Jong-il is visiting Russia for the first time in nearly a decade. His tour of the country’s Far East began with crowds of cheering people greeting him at Bureya railway station in Amur province.

Berlin Marks 50 Years Since Wall Construction

Construction of the Berlin Wall began 50 years ago. Aside from Checkpoint Charlie, only a series of concrete slabs and stones around Germany’s capital lay testament to the barrier which developed into a deadly border system.

Dadaab, Kenya: The World’s Largest Refugee Camp

Many Somalis, starving and searching for safety, are risking their lives, crossing into Kenya and taking up residence in Dadaab, the world’s largest refugee camp. This video by no comment TV shows images from inside the camp.

Beirut Protests in Solidarity With Syrian People

Hundreds of people took part in a demonstration in Beirut, Lebanon’s capital, in solidarity with neighboring Syrian people as Syrian security forces heightened their crackdown on peaceful protesters and civilians.

Mexican Police Capture Key Figure In Juarez Drug Cartel

Police in Mexico have nabbed the boss of a drug cartel’s armed wing in Ciudad Juarez. Nicknamed ‘El Diego’, the head hit-man is linked to many deaths in Mexico’s ongoing bloody drug war.

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