Large Blast Rips Through Building in Hama, Syria

An explosion tore through a building in Hama, leaving at least 12 people dead and wounding dozens according the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. World News Videos by NewsLook

Arctic Ocean Could Be Open For Shipping in 5-10 Years

A Canadian scientist claims the Arctic Ocean will be open for regular commercial shipping within the next five to 10 years, but changing ice conditions could bring new hazards to ships. Science News by NewsLook

Evolving U.S.-Colombian Relations

Karen Hooper, a Latin America analyst with Stratfor, contendst that the April 17 discussions between Colombian President Manuel Santos and U.S. President Barack Obama showed evidence of the evolving relationship between the United States and Colombia. US News Video by NewsLook

Is Either Side Interested in Long-Term Ceasefire in Syria?

UN chief Ban Ki-moon has called for more peacekeepers and aircraft to be deployed in Syria to monitor the truce there. This report by Russian government-owned Russia Today questions whether the major forces in the conflict are truly interested in a long-term ceasefire. World News Videos by NewsLook

North Korean Leader Makes First Public Speech

North Korea’s new leader addressed his nation and the world for the first time Sunday, vowing to place top priority on his impoverished nation’s military, which promptly unveiled a new long-range missile. World News Videos by NewsLook

String of Attacks Rock Afghan Capital, Provinces

The Taliban launched a series of coordinated attacks across the Afghan capital and at least three eastern provinces on Sunday, targeting NATO bases, parliament and foreign embassies in a complex assault. World News Videos by NewsLook

Afghan Amputees Reflect More Powerful Bombs

With some 6,000 new patients every year, an orthopaedic centre in Kabul highlights the growing number of civilians severely injured by bombs that have grown more powerful than ever before. World News Videos by NewsLook

Poland: Dispute Over Atomic Power Plant

Poland wants to build its first nuclear power plant near the German border. Protest is coming not only from politicians in Germany, but also from people living near the sites under consideration for constructing the plant. World News Videos by NewsLook

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