Argentine Protesters Remember 2001 Financial Meltdown

Argentines take to the streets to remember ten years since their nation’s disastrous economic meltdown, setting the national Christmas tree ablaze outside the presidential palace. World News Videos by NewsLook

Kim Jong-il’s Death Sparks ‘Bitter Grief and Sorrow’

North Korean state media is reporting scenes of unrestrained public sadness at the death of long time leader Kim Jong-il. State media reported that Kim, 69, died of a heart attack while traveling on a train.

Russian Nuclear Submarine Set to Join Indian Navy

A nuclear submarine leased from Russia is all set to join the Indian Navy in early 2012. Official sources in New Delhi confirmed today that a Nerpa class nuclear submarine leased by the Indian Navy will leave Russian shores by end of the month. World News Videos by NewsLook

OPEC Reaches Oil Output Deal

OPEC oil producers have agreed to a new production limit that will keep output at roughly its current level. Iran had wanted to cut production, which would boost prices. But Saudi Arabia’s argument — that levels should be maintained — won out.

Egyptians Vote in Second Round

Egyptians went to the polls for day one of the second round of parliamentary elections on Wednesday. Large numbers of voters turned up in nine provinces, but across the country, numbers were lower than in the previous round.

Putin Takes Clinton to Task Over Criticism

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has strongly criticized US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for encouraging and supporting Russians protesting election fraud, and warned of a wider crackdown on dissent. Video News by NewsLook

DR Congo Anxious About Election Results

Tensions are running high in the Democratic Republic of Congo where voters will have to wait at least another two days to find out who their new president will be. Election results had initially been expected for Tuesday.

Colombians on the March Against FARC

Tens of thousands of Colombians have taken to the streets in an outpouring of national anger against FARC rebels. The protests are in response to the FARC’s killing of four hostages, all members of the armed forces shot during a raid by government troops on a FARC hide-out last month.

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