South Africa’s Zuma Vows to Wrest Economy From “White Males”

South Africa’s economy is still in the apartheid era and blacks must wrest control of the continent’s financial and mining powerhouse from the white minority, President Jacob Zuma says at the start of the ANC’s policy conference. World News Videos by NewsLook

Assad Says Syria at War as Battle Reaches Damascus

Delivering a speech directed at his new government on state television, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said his country was in “a real state of war.” World News Videos by NewsLook

Ousted Paraguay Leader Accuses Lawmakers of “Coup”

Paraguay’s ousted leader Fernando Lugo accused lawmakers of carrying out a “parliamentary coup d’etat” to force him from power, as international protests mounted over his abrupt removal. World News Videos by NewsLook

Ban Ki-Moon Warns Old Model of Development Is “Broken”

World leaders gathering in Rio weighed steps to root out poverty and protect the environment as UN chief Ban Ki-moon warned that “time is not on our side” for fixing a mounting list of problems. World News Videos by NewsLook

U.S.: 3 Russian Ships to Head to Syria

A Pentagon official says the US believes three Russian ships carrying supplies and possibly personnel will be departing for Syria and the US has no reason to believe they are headed anywhere other than Russia’s naval base in Tartus. World News Videos by NewsLook

Understanding Egypt’s Elections and Tensions with Israel

Stratfor Vice President of Strategic Intelligence Reva Bhalla explains how the Egyptian political transition is affecting its relationship with Israel. World News Videos by NewsLook

UN Suspends Syria Mission Amid Increasing Violence

UN observers suspended their mission to Syria on Saturday, blaming intensifying violence as troops rained shells down on rebel bastions including Homs, where the opposition warned a massacre was imminent. World News Videos by NewsLook

Putin Vows Not to Allow ‘Social Shocks’ to Weaken Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin vowed on Tuesday not to let Russia be weakened by social shocks as tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered in Moscow to protest his historic third term. World News Videos by NewsLook

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