“Onslaught” of Cyber Espionage From China and Russia

A report to U.S. Congress says cyber espionage from China and Russia is happening on a massive scale. The report comes in response to growing complaints from the business community that their networks are coming under regular attack.

Greek Wait for New Leader Continues

As Greece teeters on the edge of bankruptcy without a state leader, citizens are living in a vacuum of political posturing. The European Union is turning the screw and from the White House a veiled warning for the country to, “move as quickly as possible to fulfil its commitments.”

Libya: NTC Begins Reconciliation With Tuareg Tribesmen

Libya’s interim authorities have begun reconciliation talks with the country’s Tuareg nomadic tribes, who are considered of vital importance to regional security in Libya’s oil-rich south. Nick Rowlands reports.

Who Will Take the Reins in Greece?

The leaders of Greece’s two biggest parties are due to resume talks to agree on who should be the country’s new prime minister, after reaching a historic power-sharing deal to push through a massive financial rescue deal to prevent imminent bankruptcy.

‘Fortress’ Cannes Braces for G20 Summit

The French Riviera resort of Cannes is shedding its black tie image for riot gear as it braces for a crucial G20 summit. Thousands of extra police have been deployed along the Mediterranean coast with key talks due today ahead of the summit’s official start tomorrow.

Syrian State TV Announces Acceptance of Arab League Deal

As Arab League officials await a formal response from the government of Bashar al-Assad, Syrian State TV has announced a deal between Damascus and the Arab League. Among the points in the plan is an immediate end to the violence, which means Syrian troops should be taken off the streets.

Burmese Stranded in Thai Floods

Burmese workers have found themselves trapped in Thailand’s ongoing flood disaster. Many entered the country illegally and now have no money or identity documents, exacerbating an already difficult humanitarian crisis surrounding the floods.

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