As the presidential elections near, Sens. McCain and Obama will be forced to debate and articulate foreign policy positions before a nation transfixed by its fortunes in the Middle East. But what the candidates say, or fail to say, about the world beyond the Middle East, and particularly about the Asia-Pacific region, will have tremendous consequences for American strategy. In particular, both candidates must understand the importance of India to U.S. strategy in the Asia-Pacific. First, the candidates must understand how U.S. military campaigns and posturing in the Middle East can have serious national security consequences beyond that region. America’s […]

The French-Indian Un Deux Trois Agreement?

You’d think that after all the recent drama over the Indian nuclear safeguard agreement, the news that the IAEA Board of Governors approved the deal last Friday would make a splash. But it seemed to pass under the radar. Outside of India, that is, where opponents of the deal are up in arms because it puts India at the mercy of both IAEA inspections and the Hyde Act’s prohibition on further nuclear testing, with no guarantees for nuclear fuel supplies in the event of interruptions. In other words, while most people are worried that India’s exemption from the NPT undermines […]