NEW DELHI — American football star Michael Vick is not the only mega-celebrity whose ill treatment of animals has recently earned him hard time. Over the weekend, Salman Khan, a leading man in India’s Bollywood film industry, began serving a stiff five-year jail sentence for a poaching incident that took place nearly a decade ago. Khan, convicted of killing a rare Chinkara Gazelle on a desert wildlife preserve in 1998, was done no favors by an Indian legal system known to enforce strict laws in defense of endangered species. But contrary to the Atlanta Falcons quarterback’s admission of guilt, which […]

Before the United States and India can consummate their nuclear pact, a major hurdle remains: The guidelines of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) prohibit nuclear export to countries that, like India, lack full-scope safeguards. Many expected that, at Washington’s behest, the NSG would rubber stamp an exception for India — until Beijing hinted again this week that it might block such a rules change. The Nuclear Suppliers Group, a cartel of 45 nuclear fuel producing countries that coordinate export controls to non-nuclear-weapon states, is little known outside of nonproliferation circles but plays a critical role in limiting access to uranium […]