Iraq War Books: The Great Deluge
With the publication of his new book, State of Denial, the third tome he’s written on the Bush administration after Sept. 11, Bob Woodward is everywhere. The Washington Post Company is milking the Woodward book for all its worth, publishing two excerpts so far in the paper (see here and here) and another in Newsweek. (More on the content of Woodward’s book later). But Woodward is far from the only big-time journalist that’s helping to write the first-draft of the history of the Iraq war. An astonishing number of books on the conduct of war — examining decision-making in Baghdad [...]
Commentary Week in Review: The State of Democracy in Europe
Democracy is floundering in . . . Europe? An Iranian nuke stand-off may not be so imminent. Musharraf is playing the spin doctor; the United States made Iraq a magnet for terrorists; and tanks rolled through Bangkok but bullets are still flying in Southern Thailand. And why can’t something be done about genocide in Sudan? With so much going on this week, maybe you missed the quiet stream of articles questioning the relative peace and stability that exists across Europe. Ivan Krastev claimed in the Sept. 27 Wall Street Journal that Europe’s best kept secret is not that old Europe [...]
Two Interviews With Pervez Musharraf
Pervez Musharraf was on a sort of book tour of the United States this past week. Below, you can watch two very different television interviews with the Pakistani president. First, a short, humorous appearance on The Daily Show with John Stewart: Second, an hour-long interview with Charlie Rose: Having problems viewing the embedded videos? Try watching the first here, and the second here. I plan to continue using the wonders of YouTube and Google Video on this blog. So please send any tips for videos that our readers might be interested in to
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