DOD Attempts to Fact-Check Press
With the advent of a blog-style Web site called “For the Record,” the U.S. Department of Defense has gotten into the business of fact-checking journalists. It’s only the latest example of how the Internet is usurping the monopoly traditional media outlets have on providing information to the public. Governments more and more are attempting to use the Internet to bypass press channels and provide information direct to their constituents. Given the importance of perception and the “battle of ideas” to warfare, it’s not surprising that in the U.S. government, DOD has been a pioneer in this kind of thing. Witness, [...]
Commentary Week in Review On Hiatus
World Politics Review International News Editor Guy Taylor embarked on a reporting trip to Venezuela (funded by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting) this morning. Over the next six weeks, Guy will be writing the occassional post from Venezuela in this space. But unfortunately, this also means he won’t be writing our regular Commentary Week in Review column. Until he returns, we offer a stripped-down version here. So let’s get to it. Perusing our Media Roundup Archives, four main themes emerge from this week’s opinion pages: Iraq, North Korea, Muslim integration in Europe, and Russian foreign and domestic policy. The [...]
The Russian Bear Roars Again
We detect a distinct theme among recent analyses of Russia’s foreign policy. While commentators are all over the map in their assessment of the rectitude of Russia’s foreign policy as implemented by President Putin, a critical mass of opinion-shapers that at least grudingly recognize a kind of brilliance in Russian foreign policy seems to have coalesced. We offer as evidence for this first — and, yes, foremost — today’s commentary in WPR by Marissa Payne. She writes that, in its foreign relations, Russia is having its cake and eating it too — or, as they say in Russia “The wolves [...]
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