Waging Cyber War — and Defending Against It

Two items I came across today tell two sides of the same story: Computer network attack and defense are a growing part of 21st century warfare. The first item adds to the mounting body of evidence that Islamists and terrorists are seeking to use computers and the Internet to wage holy war. The Jamestown Foundation’s Terrorism Focus yesterday reported that Islamists, sparked by the Pope’s recent comments, have set up a new Web site “to help organize an electronic jihad against websites that insult Islam and Islamic sacred figures.” The Terrorism Focus story continues: The site has been well publicized […]

Korea Vows to Conduct Nuclear Test

The North Korean foreign minister announced Tuesday his country will conduct a nuclear test, the Associated Press reports. We managed to get our hands on the English version of the nuclear test announcement put out by North Korea’s state-controlled media organ, the Korean Central News Agency. The release doesn’t appear to be posted on the KCNA’s Web site as yet. Reading the announcement gives one a sense of the regime’s propaganda style, and the paranoid, almost desperate, voice that characterizes it: DPRK Foreign Ministry Clarifies Stand on New Measure to Bolster War Deterrent Pyongyang, October 3 (KCNA) — The Foreign […]

Iraq War Books: The Great Deluge

With the publication of his new book, State of Denial, the third tome he’s written on the Bush administration after Sept. 11, Bob Woodward is everywhere. The Washington Post Company is milking the Woodward book for all its worth, publishing two excerpts so far in the paper (see here and here) and another in Newsweek. (More on the content of Woodward’s book later). But Woodward is far from the only big-time journalist that’s helping to write the first-draft of the history of the Iraq war. An astonishing number of books on the conduct of war — examining decision-making in Baghdad […]

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