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Sudan Recalls Envoy to Ethiopia After Execution of Seven Soldiers

By The Editors | Al Jazeera

Sudan will summon back its ambassador to Ethiopia immediately for consultations following the killing of seven Sudanese soldiers being held captive by its’ neighbor’s military, the foreign ministry has said.

U.S. Strike Kills Yemeni Al-Qaida-Linked Commander in Syria

By Bassem Mroue | Associated Press

A drone strike by the U.S.-led coalition in northwestern Syria killed a senior member of an al-Qaida-linked group, Syrian opposition activists and the U.S. military said Tuesday.

U.S. Officials Back in Venezuela in a Bid to Rebuild Ties

By Regina Garcia Cano & Joshua Goodman | Associated Press

Senior U.S. government officials have quietly traveled to Caracas in the latest bid to bring home detained Americans and rebuild relations with the South American oil giant as the war in Ukraine drags on, forcing the U.S. to recalibrate other foreign policy objectives.

China’s Pivotal Role Under Scrutiny as Zambia Seeks Debt Relief

By Jonathan Wheatley, Joseph Cotterill & Sun Yu | Financial Times

Within months of his election last year, Zambia’s president, Hakainde Hichilema, had succeeded in negotiating a $1.4 billion IMF bailout for the debt-stricken southern African country. But hammering out a deal with all its creditors, chief among them China, could take much longer.

G-7 Leaders Promise $4.5 Billion to Address Global Hunger Caused by War in Ukraine

By Michael D. Shear | The New York Times

The United States and its Group of 7 allies Tuesday pledged to spend $4.5 billion this year to help ensure food security around the globe, seeking to counter global food shortages caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Resistance Builds in Tunisia as Populist Leader Seeks More Power

By Claire Parker | The Washington Post

A year after Tunisian President Kais Saied’s power grab upended the country’s fledgling democracy forged from the Arab Spring, opposition to him is growing as he prepares a constitutional referendum to solidify his one-man rule.

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