Top 30 Countries for Broadband Internet Access

UPDATE, Jan. 21, 2013: The original post on this page featured charts we put together with data from a June 2007 report of the Information Technology Innovation Foundation. However, the original images of the charts were lost due to a technical problem. At any rate, since 2007, there has been a lot of new research into the question of broadband speeds across countries, and much of it has been devoted to debunking the idea that the United States lags significantly behind other countries. The best recent post we could find on this subject comes from Entropy Economics, a research firm […]

Earlier this year, the French General Secretariat for National Defense (SGDN) reaffirmed a warning to French policymakers that the ubiquitous BlackBerry represents a potential intelligence vulnerability when used to transmit sensitive information. The BlackBerry is a handheld computer developed by the Canadian firm Research in Motion (RIM) that allows users to forward electronic messages sent via the Internet (email) to the device. According to French sources, the main SGDN concern is that the security framework used by the BlackBerry to transmit email is vulnerable to interception by British and American intelligence. As a result, the French government restricted its use […]