Myanmar's civil war is a conflict in the global battle between democracy and autocracy.

When Myanmar’s junta responded to peaceful demonstrations against their 2021 coup with a bloody crackdown, the opposition turned to armed resistance. In recent months, the conflict has been escalating, and the ruthlessness of Myanmar’s military has greatly intensified. Still mostly below the world’s radar, Myanmar’s civil war is raging.

Germany's far-right AfD party has used the country's migrant crisis to gain power.

The AfD party’s current success in Germany was built on social trends that had already become entrenched before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Rather than reflecting a sudden break from the moderate center right, the AfD offered a viable political home for far-right milieus that had always been lurking at the edge of party politics.

In Brazil, Bolsonaro has been banned from running for election because of his anti-democratic comments.

Last week, Brazil’s electoral court ruled that former President Jair Bolsonaro cannot run for public office for the next eight years. While there are many reasons to support Brazil’s ban on Bolsonaro, it is necessary to explain why his case differs from other countries in the region where the same practice is used to erode democracy.

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