Plenty of Blame to Go Around for Turmoil in Mexico’s Oaxaca
Guadalajara, MEXICO — The tense situation that appears close to resolution in Oaxaca, Mexico, began in May with a teachers’ strike, a fairly regular event. But with the unleashing of an authoritarian crackdown the following month on the striking teachers, it descended into an open revolt against the governor of one of the Republic’s poorest and most corrupt states. The nearly six months of unrest has left at least 16 people dead and the state economy in shambles. And while some of the parties in the conflict — namely the teachers and a left-wing group backing their demands — have [...]
CARACAS, Venezuela – Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez yesterday earned six more years to steer the world’s fifth largest oil producer through what is set to become the region’s most expansive socialist experiment. Amid claims of voting irregularities by the opposition, election officials last night announced that Chávez had won 61 percent of the vote, with 38 percent garnered by conservative opposition candidate Manuel Rosales. Caracas exploded with the news. Fireworks, horns and throngs of chatting supporters broke an eerie silence that had settled on the tense city throughout the day of voting. By 11 p.m., thousands had converged on Miraflores, [...]
BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — In South America’s Southern Cone, “Dirty War” wounds are getting a fresh coat of pain. Under populist governments in Uruguay and Argentina, human rights investigators have been turning over old stones to prosecute crimes dating back to the region’s 1970s dictatorships, a period of state violence against dissident citizens known as the Dirty War. And old ghosts are flying. In October, Uruguayan President Juan Maria Bordaberry was arrested for his involvement in the 30-year-old murders of two politicians and two leftist guerrillas. Officials in Montevideo had detained the 78-year-old former leader and his former foreign minister, [...]
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