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Gasoline is advertised for $1.99 per gallon at an On Cue station and $2.03 per gallon at the nearby 7-11 in south Oklahoma City, Dec. 5, 2014 (AP photo by Sue Ogrocki).
The Realist Prism

Falling Energy Prices Offer New Strategic Opportunities for the U.S.

By Nikolas Gvosdev
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The dramatic fall in global energy prices over the past several months provides the United States with a window of opportunity to push new solutions to several pressing domestic and foreign policy challenges, from East Asia to the Americas—if Washington is focused and prepared to act quickly. more

Global Insights

Putin Courts Modi to Advance Russia-India Economic Ties

By Richard Weitz
, , Column

On Dec. 11, Russian President Vladimir Putin became the latest suitor to court Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi on the latter’s home territory. While New Delhi has ended its Cold War alignment with Moscow, India and Russia still share many overlapping interests, as the visit clearly illustrated. more

Strategic Horizons

To Create Order, the U.S. Needs a Strategic Vision

By Steven Metz
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America’s global strategy once coherently linked U.S. actions in different places and on different issues. Today it does not, instead treating each security challenge in isolation. The reason for this incoherence is clear: The United States has no unifying strategic vision. more

World Citizen

Ibero-American Summit in Mexico Highlights Ideological Rifts

By Frida Ghitis
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The annual Ibero-American Summit was designed to develop ties among countries with strong cultural and historical bonds and develop a bloc with political and economic power. But the latest summit, held this week in Mexico, showed how wide the ideological chasms among the member countries have become. more