Coalition of the Bankrupt?

So here’s a question. How long before the growing European outrage over the American financial crisis plays a role in the debate over European troop presence in Afghanistan? I’ve already written about the French army’s barely concealed resentment over the lack of equipment and preparation for their recently deployed reinforcements. Now comes news that a Dutch platoon serving in Afghanistan has been suspended for directly refusing an order, with the Dutch Defense Minsitry confirming the incident took place but withholding further comment. Now, this kind of incident might just be the result of internal tensions between a unit and its […]

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia — U.S. policymakers have raised security concerns about radical Islamic charities in Cambodia after delegations from Kuwait and Qatar promised $700 million in soft loans and investment for the country’s embattled infrastructure. In an August speech, U.S. ambassador Joseph Mussomeli said militant groups are vying for influence over the country’s Cham Muslims, and that Gulf states should “be careful” where the money goes. Gulf delegates dismissed U.S. worries, claiming their interests in Cambodia — garnering food security by investing in Cambodia’s unused rice fields — are economic, not cultural. But with $5 million of the loans earmarked […]

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