flooding in nigeria

Nigeria’s worst flooding in at least a decade has overrun hundreds of communities across the country. Sporadic floods have been occurring locally for months, but they intensified in September and have since spread. The flooding is expected to end in the coming weeks, but its impact will take much longer to repair.

a protestor in egypt ahead of cop27

With the United Nations COP 27 Climate Change Conference set to take place in the Egyptian city of Sharm El-Sheikh beginning on Nov. 6, many observers have raised concerns about the country’s human rights and environmental records and what this will mean for the conference as well as climate justice more broadly.

Environmental activists in Honduras

At the Summit of the Americas in June, 33 governments of the region pledged to tackle violence against environmental defenders by taking “concrete actions.” But rather than declarations, changing the situation on the ground demands that governments address the drivers of violence and repression against these defenders.