Iranian surface-to-surface missiles.

More than a week later, there remains considerable uncertainty about Iran’s unprecedented attack on Israel using its long-range strike capabilities. As more information becomes public, it is important to be mindful of three important considerations to understand the attack’s implications on military dynamics across the Middle East.

U.N. Deputy Secretary-General Amina J. Mohammed interacts with the robot Sophie.

Although the U.S., EU and China dominate coverage of the effort to regulate artificial intelligence, a less-publicized but vital discourse about AI is taking place throughout Africa. In particular, most African policymakers have a unique challenge: how to responsibly leverage AI to accelerate national development.

A farmer in India.

Populist leaders worldwide have increasingly used rhetoric designed to appeal to people in society who feel disproportionately affected by sustainability measures. But while the rhetoric used by populist leaders are often opportunistic attempts to exploit these grievances, it is a mistake to dismiss the grievances themselves.