Thai Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin talks to the media

Though Thailand’s elections in May were won by pro-democracy parties, the result was a coalition government led by Pheu Thai that includes military-aligned parties. The question now is: Can Pheu Thai actually govern in a way that reunites Thais, strengthens democratic institutions and addresses Thailand’s many other problems?

Sudan is roiled in a civil war between the army and paramilitary RSF.

The Sudanese armed forces have now lost control of Sudan’s two biggest cities while feeding the public a false sense of hope. In contrast, the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces, or RSF, has sold the narrative abroad that its forces are waging a righteous crusade on behalf of the very Sudanese population it terrorizes.

A poster for the ESG Summit Europe

The surge in investor demand for “green finance” is good news for the environment, representing a potential reservoir of urgently needed funds to stabilize the climate. But is green finance really the answer? Possibly, but not without substantial reform and regulation, starting with a clearer definition of what it is—and isn’t.

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