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Yemeni women pray during a rally marking the third anniversary of the revolution, Sanaa, Yemen, Feb. 7, 2014 (AP photo by Hani Mohammed).

Yemen’s Women Fight to Protect Uprising’s Gains Amid New Turmoil

For a few brief months in 2011, Yemen returned to a more equitable and less conservative past, with more space for women’s rights. But four years later, amid the Saudi-led campaign against the Houthis, that promise lies broken in the rubble of Yemen’s peace process, which failed to include more Yemeni women. more

South Africa’s Zuma Faces Double Bind on Troubled Economy

By James Hamill
, , Briefing

The past two years have been deeply unsettling ones for South Africa’s economy, which like other emerging markets around the world, including the once-solid BRICS, is in a sea of trouble. That stands in sharp contrast to the established view of South Africa as an African powerhouse and emerging market leader. more

Vietnam’s Workers Use Local Strikes to Push Party for Reforms

By Adam Fforde
, , Briefing

A strike by thousands of workers at a footwear factory earlier this month exposed the severely eroded authority of Vietnam’s ruling Communist Party. More than a rare challenge to the party, the strike highlighted a growing alignment of interests among workers, local employers and major international companies to push the party to reform. more

Qatar Ties Reflect India’s Middle East Balancing Act

By Saurav Jha
, , Briefing

India’s growing ties with Qatar are part of a broader policy of Indian engagement throughout the Persian Gulf and the wider Middle East, on issues from labor access to energy security. India is hedging its bets against the threat of more instability, using diversified partnerships across the region to protect its interests. more