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The flags of Greece and the European Union billow in the wind in front of the ruins of the fifth century B.C. Parthenon temple, Athens, Greece, Jan. 23, 2015 (AP photo by Petros Giannakouris).

Syriza’s Rise Will Test Greece and EU, but the Euro Is Safe

By Dimitri A. Sotiropoulos
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This Sunday, Greeks will go to the polls for a snap election, with the radical left party Syriza, running on an anti-austerity platform, ahead. But rather than signal the start of economic turbulence in Europe, a Syriza victory may be a test for the limits of tolerance of the European Union as a political system. more

After the Torture Report: What’s Next for the CIA?

By Frederick P. Hitz
, , Briefing

As the new year opens, and the dust has begun to settle from the release of a report last month by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on the CIA’s use of torture in the war on terror, it is time to ask what changes, if any, the report’s revelations will bring about for the agency in the coming years. more