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Houthi rebels hold up their weapons as they chant slogans at the residence of a military commander of the Houthi militant group destroyed by a Saudi-led airstrike, Sanaa, Yemen, April 28, 2015 (AP photo by Hani Mohammed).

Saudi War Rhetoric Belied by Yemen’s Fractured Battlefield

By Peter Salisbury
, , Briefing

As Saudi-led airstrikes in Yemen continue against Houthi rebels, resistance to the Houthis on the ground has been ineffective, conducted by groups that share few common goals. That has led Riyadh to lean increasingly on Yemen’s Sunni Islamists, who just a year ago it named members of a terrorist organization. more

Mexico’s Energy Reforms Must Address Indigenous Concerns

By Alexis Arthur
, , Briefing

President Enrique Pena Nieto has touted the potential for unprecedented levels of investment in Mexico’s overhauled energy sector. Yet the energy boom could negatively impact Mexico’s indigenous communities. New government laws, critics say, give preferential treatment to private development over community rights. more

Latin America Weighs Risk and Rewards of Shale Revolution

By Paul Shortell
, , Briefing

Latin America faces difficult choices as it looks to expand its nascent shale gas and oil industry. With approximately one-fourth of the world’s recoverable shale oil and gas reserves, the region is poised to reap the benefits of fracking, but it must weigh those against local resistance and environmental risks. more