The UNSC amid calls for reform

Joe Biden called for reforming the U.N. Security Council last week, in an effort to counter Russia’s intransigence and complete disregard for a core principle of the U.N. Charter: the territorial integrity of the U.N.’s member states. But while calls for reforms are understandable, they are not going to happen. Nor should they.

senegal's president at the un speaking about unsc reform

In their speeches to the U.N. General Assembly this week, African leaders reflected on the common theme of the continent’s place in the world, while emphasizing a message of equity and inclusivity in global governance. This was underlined by their now-familiar demands for reform of the Security Council.

IAEA Director Rafael Grossi speaks before visiting a nuclear power plant in Ukraine

The IAEA has found itself in the thick of two global political crises—securing a Ukrainian nuclear power plant and enforcing oversight of Iran’s nuclear program. Its chief, Rafael Grossi, has managed both files with dexterity, but his ongoing success will depend on his ability to avoid alienating any of the parties involved.