East Asia’s Rising Tide

East Asia’s Rising Tide

U.S. President Barack Obama’s recent trip through East Asia was only the latest reminder of the growing economic and geopolitical influence of the region’s rising powers. Now more firmly installed, the governments in China, Japan and South Korea have each begun to put their stamps on their countries’ strategies, as each country confronts the challenges posed by its neighbors and by relations with the United States. This special report examines the dynamic geopolitics of East Asia through articles published in the past 18 months.

Regional Perspectives

China’s Slowing Growth May Help Rebalance Regional Role
By Iain Mills
Aug. 12, 2013

Beating Expectations, China Moves Ahead With Substantive Economic Reforms
By Iain Mills
April 21, 2014

Abe Brings Japan Political Stability, but at High Cost
By Shihoko Goto
June 26, 2013

Japan’s Security Policies a Pragmatic Response to Changing Asia
By Jeffrey W. Hornung
Oct. 3, 2013

South Korea’s New President Faces Regional Balancing Act
By Catherine Cheney
Dec. 19, 2012

Defense Exports an Essential Part of ‘Global Korea’
By Scott W. Harold
Oct. 21, 2013

One-Family Rule: North Korea’s Hereditary Authoritarianism
By Charles Armstrong
Feb. 18, 2014

Taiwan’s Sunflower Movement Chooses Democracy Over China Trade Pact
By Joel Atkinson
April 9, 2014

Interregional Relations

Australia’s Abbott Seeks to Balance Japan, South Korea and China on Asian Trip
By Roxane Horton
April 15, 2014

Despite Thaw, EU Struggles to Find Unified Policy on China
By Famke Krumbmuller
March 26, 2014

As Britain Turns to Asia, Questions of Sustainability, Balance Linger
By Tim Summers
Jan. 17, 2014

With Asia Tour, Putin Puts Russia’s Pacific Pivot on Display
By Richard Weitz
Nov. 12, 2013

Burgeoning ASEAN-Japan Relations Hold Promise for Wider Region
By Prashanth Parameswaran
Oct. 22, 2013

India Expands Strategic Trade in East Asia to Balance China
By Saurav Jha
March 3, 2014

U.S. Alliances

To Keep Pivot on Track, U.S. Must Help Mend Japan-South Korea Relationship
By Eric Auner
March 21, 2014

U.S.-South Korea Alliance Faces Growing Pains
By Richard Weitz
April 1, 2014

From Allies to Partners: South Korea and the United States
By Richard Weitz
July 9, 2013

Feeling the Heat: Asia’s Shifting Geopolitics and the U.S.-Japan Alliance
By Sheila A. Smith
July 9, 2013

Return to Relevance: The Philippine-U.S. Alliance
Renato Cruz De Castro
July 9, 2013

Despite China’s Protests, U.S. Remains Adamant About Taiwan’s Defense
By Eric Auner
April 22, 2014

U.S.-China Ties

U.S.-China Entente Will Take More Than Obama, Xi Rapport
By Iain Mills
June 7, 2013

How China Benefits From the U.S. Pivot to Asia
By Hoo Tiang Boon
Oct. 29, 2013

Expanded Military Ties With China May Be of Limited Utility for U.S.
By Eric Auner
April 16, 2014

With Lack of Major Breakthroughs in U.S.-China Relations, the Small Things Matter
By Elizabeth Economy
March 14, 2014