WPR Top 10 Oct. 14-20

First of all, apologies to those who visited WPR yesterday and this morning looking for new articles and came up empty. After a brief editorial respite that was unintentionally prolonged yesterday by a number of factors, including key staff trapped by so-called “weather delays” at one of our nations’ many overburdened airports, we’re happy to say that the editorial week is belatedly under way today.

So, in the spirit of transition from one week to the next, now is an appropriate time highlight the top 10 most-read articles on WPR during the week of Oct. 14-20:

1. Iran, Sanctions and War: the Oil Factor
2. America is Somehow to Blame: German Public Television on 9/11
3. Berlin and Vienna Stand Against the West: European Divisions on the Iranian Bomb
4. Army Modernization Scheme Struggling for Relevance
5. After PKK Attacks on Soldiers, Turks Clamor for Incursion into Iraq
6. Howard Under Threat As Australian Election Campaign Takes Off
7. Is Intifada 3.0 on the Way in the Palestinian Territories?
8. Election Delay Means Nepal Must Survive a Winter of Widespread Discontent
9. New U.S. Homeland Security Strategy Reflects Old Thinking
10. Given the News They Consume, Who Can Blame Europeans for Hating Israel?

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