WPR Top 10 Nov. 17-30

The top 10 most popular World Politics Review stories from the past two weeks (Nov. 17-30):

1. U.S. Military Fumbles Requests for Nonlethal Weapons in Iraq, Afghanistan
2. One Cold War Was Enough: Russia Needs Our Help, Not Our Condemnation
3. Kosovo’s Divided City of Mitrovica Warily Awaits Independence
4. Considering Saudi Arabia: When Realpolitik Yields Dubious Rewards
5. Turkey and Azerbaijan Strengthen Economic, Security Ties
6. With Attack on Gaza Protestors, Hamas Loses Hearts and Minds
7. The Annapolis Middle East Peace Conference at a Glance
8. U.S. Foreign Policy Commission Touts Need for ‘Smart Power’
9. The Italian Government’s Plans for Romanians: The Return of Collective Expulsions?
10. Private Military Contractors Also Creating Problems in Afghanistan