What Will Make International News in 2008?

In a commentary piece published today in World Politics Review, Frida Ghitis says 2008 will no doubt be an eventful year, but she predicts one event will dominate headlines: the U.S. presidential election:

When the shopping stops after Christmas 2008 and Americans pause for a long weekend and the countdown to 2009, we will engage in the traditional collective look back at the year that was. It will be easy to spot the story that held our attention while watching television news, talking with friends, and chatting with neighbors. No matter what else happens, and much will, from Iraq to Pakistan, Iran to Venezuela, Jerusalem to Gaza, from global warming to oil prices, everything will take a back seat to the presidential contest. And all other stories will be viewed through the filter of electoral politics.

Developments on the ground in Pakistan, on the Iran nuclear front, hurricanes, immigration, the housing market, the value of the dollar — all of it will become fair game for comment and criticism by and about the candidates, everything a new test of political athleticism in the presidential decathlon.

And once again, just as happened four years ago, the rest of the world also will become mesmerized, obsessed with America’s election, analyzing the peculiar spectacle of America’s multibillion dollar democracy, and ruing the fact that only Americans get to choose the man — or woman — who will make decisions that impact all corners of the globe.

What international stories do you think will make headlines in 2008? World Politics Review editors want to hear your comments and predictions. Send them to feedback@worldpoliticsreview.com, and we’ll post the most interesting submissions on this blog.