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Chinese Communist Party foreign affairs chief Yang Jiechi and Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Anchorage, Alaska Chinese Communist Party foreign affairs chief Yang Jiechi, right, and Foreign Minister Wang Yi, left, arrive for the opening session of U.S.-China talks in Anchorage, Alaska, March 18, 2021 (pool photo by Frederic J. Brown via AP).

Why China’s ‘Wolf Warriors’ Won’t Back Down

, Wednesday, April 7, 2021

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China’s “wolf warrior” diplomacy may have backfired in Australia, Canada and most recently France, but in a sign of its hardening attitude toward the West, Beijing is not backing down from its aggressive posture. Defying diplomatic norms, a growing number of Chinese envoys are adopting a belligerent tone in their speeches and tweets, which Chinese authorities have justified as a necessary response to counter what they call “foreign smears” and to protect “national interests.” While it panders to jingoism at home, such combative diplomacy also reflects the Chinese leadership’s firm belief that the West is in irreversible decline and, therefore, China no longer needs to maintain friendly ties. ...

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