The Foreign Policy Bait and Switch

Writing on Monday in her new digs over at Foreign Policy, Laura Rozen told the story of how Candidate Obama’s foreign policy brain trust has been largely bypassed in President-elect Obama’s foreign policy team in favor of Hillary Clinton loyalists. My first reaction was basically, Boo-hoo. I can think of worse things than being left stranded in a tenured academic gig.

But today Laura followed that piece up with an email from one of her sources for the original piece, explaining the policy implications of what went down:

There’s an old saying in Washington: policy is people. This means thatto implement the foreign policiesObama championed in the campaign, people loyal to Obama who developed andsupported those policies must obtain positions. If a different groupobtains the key policymaking positions, then the policies Obama enunciated willfall by the wayside.

According to this source, Hillary Clinton, facilitated by transition manager John Podesta, just engineered a power grab. Now at this point, anything will compare favorably to the Bush administration’s foreign policy. But I, for one, was kind of interested in seeing what an Obama foreign policy, as opposed to a Clinton redux, would look like.

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