The Asia Triangle

For those of you who enter the site through the blog, I’d like to call your attention to our latest theme issue on the front page, the Asia Triangle. In three deep analysis pieces (M.K. Bhadrakumar on India here, Jing-dong Yuan on China here, and Arif Rafiq on Pakistan here), we examine the balance of power on the South Asian subcontinent between India, Pakistan and China, and how that might impact the emerging consensus calling for a “regional approach” to turn the tide in, and ultimately stabilize, Afghanistan.

We’ve had this feature in development for a while now, and last week’s attacks in Mumbai obviously underscore the importance of getting this right. To do so, we should start by accepting that we understand as a “regional solution” might not be the same thing as what the region understands as a “regional solution.” It also seems obvious that any effort to address India-Pakistan relations has to include China, for a variety of reasons that the three pieces make evident.

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