Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

Venezuela is unlikely to invade Guyana and destined to lose if it does. So why is it building up troops on the border, in violation of the two sides’ agreement not to do so? At least part of the answer relates to another deal Caracas recently broke that was supposed to lead to internationally monitored elections later this year.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

The U.S. government yesterday pulled back on some of the sanctions relief it offered Venezuela last year after a court upheld a ban on the candidacy of a Venezuelan opposition leader. The question now is how the regime of President Nicolas Maduro will respond.

Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele.

Of Latin America’s six presidential elections scheduled for 2024, the incumbent party is currently favored in four. Rather than a clear break in the region’s anti-incumbent trend, however, this year’s elections will be exceptions that prove the rule. Three of them offer examples of the challenges that democracy faces in the hemisphere.

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