Australia-China relations have thawed under PM Anthony Albanese.

A noticeable thaw in relations between China and Australia under Prime Minister Anthony Albanese suggests both sides have agreed to put the acrimony of recent years behind them. But while Albanese has changed the tone of relations, his policy represents continuity, raising the question of whether this approach is just a short-term fix.

China's relations with Australia have been strained in recent years, and the Australian government has criticized China's crackdown on press freedom, including the detention of Cheng Lei.

More than 1,000 days after being imprisoned, Australian journalist Cheng Lei is still behind bars in China awaiting a verdict on spying charges. But her case does not appear to be directly work-related. It is more likely that Cheng was collateral damage of bilateral tensions between Australia and China at the time of her detention.

The Quad, a security dialogue between Australia, India, Japan, and the United States, has strengthened relations between its members, particularly on issues of foreign policy and military cooperation. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been a strong supporter of the Quad, and he has worked to deepen ties with Australia and Japan.

Relations between Australia and India are at a critical juncture amid a deepening of bilateral ties. With engagement at an all-time high, sustained by a mutual interest in balancing China and ensuring a stable order in the Indo-Pacific, Canberra and New Delhi appear poised to consolidate the growing expansion of their partnership.

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