Special Report: The Arab Tipping Point

Special Report: The Arab Tipping Point

With unrest shaking the Arab world, this World Politics Review special report examines the politics and policies of Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen through articles published from April 2010 to January 2011.

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Regional Overview

Middle East Heralds New Year With Winter of Discontent
By James M. Dorsey
Jan. 10, 2011

The Battle for Islam’s Soul
By Thomas P.M. Barnett
Jan. 24, 2011

Egypt: Domestic Unrest

Egypt’s Day of Wrath a Long Time Coming
By Elizabeth Iskander
Jan. 28, 2011

Egypt’s Tainted Elections Spur Opposition Cohesion
By Guy Taylor
Dec. 17, 2010

U.S. Should Push for Democracy in Egypt
By James M. Dorsey
Nov. 19, 2010

In Egypt, the Twilight of the Mubarak Regime
By Reid Smith
April 12, 2010

Egypt: Foreign Affairs

Strategic Posture Review: Egypt
By Steven A. Cook
Nov. 15, 2010

Rivalry Between Egypt, Iran Spreads Beyond the Mideast
By Elizabeth Iskander and Minas Monir
Oct. 11, 2010

Egypt’s Hamas Dilemma
By Frida Ghitis
Aug. 5, 2010

Global Insider: Egypt-Iraq Relations
By Michael Wahid Hanna
Dec. 10, 2010


Will Tunisia’s Revolution Spread?
By Frida Ghitis
Jan. 20, 2011

Tunisia Confronts its Contradictions
By Guy Taylor
Jan. 19, 2011


Applying the Lessons of Tunisia in Yemen
By Nikolas Gvosdev
Jan. 21, 2011

U.S. Counterterrorism Strategy Boomerangs in Yemen, Somalia
By James M. Dorsey
Oct. 26, 2010

The West Must Expend Resources Wisely in Yemen
By Brian Finlay and Johan Bergenas
Oct. 12, 2010

U.S., Europe Press GCC States on Yemen Membership
By James M. Dorsey
Oct. 12, 2010

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