Special Report: Latin America

Special Report: Latin America

U.S. President Barack Obama’s decision to carry on with a trip to Latin America even as he was launching a military campaign in Libya is a testament to that region’s rising global profile. In Brazil, Peru and Colombia, pragmatic new leaders are attempting to lock in the domestic gains of their predecessors. Others are stumbling, with Mexico still seized by a bloody fight with drug trafficking and the leaders of Ecuador and Bolivia facing a loss of popular support. In this special report, World Politics Review examines the emerging shape of Latin America through articles published in the past six months.

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Domestic Challenges

Spike in Protests a Headache for Bolivia’s Morales
By Eliot Brockner
March 1, 2011

For Ecuador’s Correa, an Uneven Record: Part I
By Daniel Wagner and Daniel Jackman
February 15, 2011

Peru’s Mercurial Electorate Looks for More of the Same
By David Dudenhoefer
January 31, 2011

Education Woes Could Delay Brazil’s Rise
By Eduardo J. Gómez
January 25, 2011

Challenges Ahead for Brazil in Post-Lula Era
By Peter Kingstone
December 10, 2010

Divisions Threaten El Salvador’s Economic Rebound
By Blake Schmidt
January 24, 2011

Argentina’s Uncertain Future
Eliot Brockner
January 11, 2011

Mexico’s Arrested Development
By Sean Goforth
October 12, 2010

Mexico’s Drug Cartels: Musical Chairs or Atomization?
By Patrick Corcoran
February 9, 2011

Politicizing Mexico’s Violence
By Rodrigo Camarena
January 21, 2011

The Neglected Roots of Mexico’s Drug War
By Kendall Dabaghi and José María Alatorre
October 12, 2010

Mexico’s Energy Reform and the Future of Pemex
By Rodrigo Camarena
October 19, 2010

Foreign Relations

Obama Must Turn Words Into Action With Brazil
By Nikolas Gvosdev
March 25, 2011

Looking for Clues to Brazil’s New Foreign Policy
By Frida Ghitis
January 13, 2011

Global Insider: Brazil-Venezuela Relations
By Kurt Weyland
March 9, 2011

Mexico-Brazil Economic Integration
By Sean Goforth
November 19, 2010

Brazil Takes a Second Look at China Ties
By Sean Goforth
February 15, 2011

Global Insider: Brazil-India Relations
By Oliver Stuenkel
March 23, 2011

For Ecuador’s Correa, an Uneven Record: Part II
By Daniel Wagner and Daniel Jackman
February 16, 2011

Peru’s ‘Look to Asia’ Strategy Pays Off
By Jason Marczak
December 16, 2010

Colombia’s Santos Moves to Diversify Foreign Policy
By Sebastian Castaneda
April 1, 2011

Colombia, Venezuela Solidify Improved Ties
By Anastasia Moloney
November 5, 2010

Global Insider: Argentina-Brazil Relations
By Michael Shifter
December 22, 2010

Global Insider: Chile-Argentina Relations
By Christopher Sabatini
November 16, 2010

Global Insider: China-Argentina Trade Relations
By R. Evan Ellis
February 2, 2011