Special Report: Asia: Rising Powers, Regional Balance

Special Report: Asia: Rising Powers, Regional Balance

This WPR Special Report compiles news, analysis and opinion from WPR’s pages to provide insight into the regional politics and balance of power in Asia. The report includes expert analysis on U.S.-China relations, U.S.-India relations and relations among the countries of the region.

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U.S.-China Relations

Horse Trading with Beijing
By Nikolas Gvosdev
November 20, 2009

Balance of Power Key to U.S.-China Relations

By Ali Wyne
October 22, 2009

Restoring the Military Balance in China-Taiwan Relations

By Prashanth Parameswaran
September 30, 2009

Chinese Offer Hope, Obstacles for Obama Nuclear Agenda

By Richard Weitz
August 18, 2009

Managing China’s Growing Assertiveness in the South China Sea

By Micah Springut
July 17, 2009

U.S.-India Relations

Obama’s Opportunity with India
By Richard Fontaine AND Daniel Twining
November 26, 2009.

Singh-Obama: Terms of Endearment

By Neeta Lal
November 23, 2009

India Wary of U.S. South Asia Policy

By Neeta Lal
October 21, 2009

India-U.S. Defense Partnership Needs a Rethink

By Neeta Lal
September 21, 2009

Getting Asia’s Buy-in for a U.S.-India Partnership

By John Lee
July 28, 2009

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