Pakistan, Iran and the ‘Saudi Bomb’

One circle I’ve yet to see squared is why Pakistan would share its nuclear technology — both uranium enrichment and weaponization — with Iran, when that technology is widely believed to have been financed, in part, by the Saudis? Indeed, rumors of an already done Pakistan-Saudi deal for the purchase of warheads in the event Iran achieves nuclear weapon status are so widespread that the Pakistani capacity is often referred to as the “Saudi bomb.”

Pakistan’s claims that AQ Khan was a solo rogue operator were greeted with huge skepticism. And Khan — who, as a scapegoat with an axe to grind, should be taken with a grain of salt — himself recently claimed (via FAS’ Secrecy News) that the technology transfer to Iran was part of a broader state policy enjoying official support.

But if so, it means that the Pakistanis have elevated duplicity to a high diplomatic art. Feedback is welcome if I’ve missed something.