Musharraf Impeachment Proceedings

Arif Rafiq at The Pakistan Policy Blog on the announcement that the Pakistani governing coalition will seek impeachment proceedings against Pervez Musharraf:

Though the declaration was clear, many questions remain:

– Will the governing coalition follow through on its promises? All of them or just some?
– Has there been a compromise on the judges issue?
– Do they have enough votes to impeach?
– How long will the process take?
– Impeachment is akin to a trial. What will Musharraf be charged with?
– Will Musharraf resign before or during the impeachment proceedings? Or will he fight? What weapons will he use? Article 58(2)B. . .?
– Is the Army willing to let go of Musharraf? The Corps Commanders met this morning.
– Have Washington, Riyadh, and Beijing given their consent?

Despite the lingering questions, and he lists some more, Rafiq says there’s a “decent chance” Musharraf could be gone by August 14th, Pakistan’s Independence Day. Now that’s what I call frontier justice.