Musharraf Hangs On

It hasn’t gotten much notice, but in the aftermath of Pakistan’s elections, the post-Benazir Bhutto PPP has been drifitng closer to Pervez Musharraf, and is essentially now standing in the way of the efforts to remove him from office through conventional means (ie. the reinstatement of judges likely to rule him ineligible to hold office). The result has been for the anti-Musharraf movement to harden its posiiton, calling for his removal through article six of Pakistan’s constitution. That procedure would leave Musharraf, if tried and convicted, facing the death penalty for high treason. Arif Rafiq of Pakistan Policy Blog has the details on what it all means.

Update: It’s just a rumor, but the Times of India is reporting that Musharraf might step down after a meeting with Pakistani Army chief Ashfaq Kayani. Musharraf’s office categorically denied the report.

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