More Coverage of U.S. Policy

World Politics Review has always tried to live up to its name by covering the globe — and doing so even when a certain issue or region is not currently making the headlines.

However, we have also from time to time focused specifically on U.S. foreign and national security policy, in recognition of the importance of the subject for our audience and in an effort to take advantage of our home base in Washington, D.C.

Lately, we have begun to try to step up our coverage of U.S. policy without sacrificing our global scope, so we thought we’d take a moment on the blog to highlight some recent results of that effort.

If you’re interested in U.S. policy, make sure you don’t miss these recent stories, all of which were published in the last two weeks (listed in reverse chronological order):

Sixty Years After the National Security Act, U.S. Statecraft May Need Another Reorganization (Nov. 13, commentary)

U.S. Foreign Policy Commission Touts Need for Smart Power (Nov. 12, news)

Cargo Scanning Program Sparks International Debate Over U.S. Homeland Security Policy (Nov. 12, news)

U.S. Military Counterintelligence Activities Raise Privacy Concerns (Oct. 31, commentary)

Armenian Genocide: the Lobbying Behind the Congressional Resolution (Oct. 30, news)

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